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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

2004.08.24 Monday

Slept long than usual today. Woke up only 2 or 3 times since around 11 -- 11:30.
Went for coffee at plantation, Bob Evans and Gus Sanchez. Bob has lost interest in doing work with the city because his experience has been frustrating becaause the process is long, convoluted and costly. Believe they'll have betterluck in Sunnyvale because the are more welcoming and helpful.

Saw Steve Brown in front of Anronio's and chattted with him. At 80+, he's in good shape but age problems noth the less are manafesting themselves more and more and physically his body is showing its age and is the process of dying. Steve seems happy, likes to talk to people at the bar. Knows everyone, is like the grand old man of Antonio's. Brian Bolitho joined us, heard him before I could see him a, knew it was hin from the sound of the chair. Miss the chair, its fast, naniuverable, smakk, stopps on a dime, its a great chair except for the lack of suspension or shocks to smooth out rough road conditions

Abe dropped by before I left for coffee, dropped off a couple of cans of corn and an unlabeled can.

Chris called to talk about my patio door and bedroom window replacement. I will need to move desk and computer away from wall so that the take down and install can happen. Need to get Abe's advice on how to accomplish this. He came back later to show me how Steve Poziner had passed out voter list of persuadable voters for people like him to address. It was a list of 25 people/page and thier mailing address. The same were grouped by household. Seems like Steve is doing a much better job, have seen his tv ads and gotten his literature, there's been noting i remember from ruskin.

Carroll drop by with tamales yesterday, had one today for lunch.
Carne assada from Antoni's for dinner.

email from mararite q, she;s in san deigo visiting aerents. will get together next week once she returns.

franco dropped by for a bist a bit before 8p. noticed that yard was being cleaned and assumed it was being done because i called the city.
is looking forward to building on his property, primary to show hobach he can do it while Hobach can't. Franco thinks Harold will be very disappointed when he discovers his plans were reject by the planning commission 5-0. Of the 15 or so speaksers, only 1 spoke in support.

This is the 2nd time he's had a reject at the first presentation. When he wanted to build neext door, it was turned down unanikmously. Both tiomes his builds designed as a box to maximize profit but had no arithure value and was to massive. the FAR was larger than any current in PA. The Page Mill was also to be also have a larger FAR than any current project.

Franco thinks Harold, "Mr Hobach" to Franco, will be mad at himself for wasting money on architural plans , Carol Jansen as a consultant for getting the plan throught the city process, etc. I think he'll blame everyone who spoke at the city against him, I did not attend that meetingg, I was at the site visit and spoke to the group about the size and the entrance should be on Page Mill, NOT Park, Traffic backes up on Park because its difficulr for cars going north on Park must make a left onto Page Mill to loop around to Oregon Expressway, headed towards 101.

ran into betty earlier, took pix of her kd for is ?8mos old. interesting smile not quite right but cann't point to it or name it.

body very achy from side pressure of bed. have not been able to get much improvement regarding this. need to develop set of exercise to help strenthgen these muscles and also more supple and relaxed.

almost 10p, will go line down, will reward ny self w a gogert before bed.